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brand marketing without a budget

Is one of your biggest problems the fact that whilst you operate a premium brand in a competitive market place, you have an extremely limited budget for marketing and communications? 

If so, you are not alone. 

The ‘Piledriver’ initiative is specifically designed for building business solutions for brands that simply don’t have above-the-line marketing budgets. ‘Brand Marketing Without A Budget’ offers brand-enhancing solutions which deliver incremental business cost-effectively and outside of the box thinking.

With some advance information from you and a little preparation from us to tailor the content of our sessions to your business, we will spend a day with you, and your team, to re invigorate your sales and marketing initiatives – honestly, realistically and practically. We will make sure you are ‘all’ selling the same thing, help you define and direct your initiatives, set new targets and re visit you to review the results. The team analysis and brainstorm session include:

– Brand, Sales and Marketing Audit : what have you done, what are you
  doing, what could you be doing?
– What are you selling? :  how well do you know and sell your brand?
– Agreeing your Brand PODs and USPs : stand out from the crowd
– Review your competitors :  your industry vs. alternative spend
– Brainstorm new tactics, products, PR angles : thinking outside of the box
– What tools are you using : assessing your toolbox
– Enthusing and empowering your best Ambassadors : you and your team
 Get new targets in sight :  agree your new plan
– Review and feedback : keeping you on track

Our clients such as : Grayshott Spa, The Spa in Dolphin Square, Flemings Mayfair, The late Queen Mother’s Estate – The Castle of Mey and Macdonald Hotels can all testify to the practical delivery of our cost-effective solutions. Read some of our case studies >

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