Renew Medica

Originally commissioned to create an operational marketing manual for the Renew Medica clinics to be able to market themselves independently within the group identity and  frame work, Piledrivers were retained over an 18 month period to support the regional managers and marketing manager  by working with the clinics to initiate and  implement tactical marketing and sales activity.

The toolkit, or ‘handbag of tricks’ as it became known, was created, reporting systems put in place, written, designed and printed within 3 weeks of the initial brief. Clinic marketing and sales activity included establishing partnerships with local businesses, promotions, advertising, participating at exhibitions and hosting events including the refresh@renew introduction and referral programme.

Piledrivers created and managed Renew Medica’s 2009 Christmas campaign and advised on the implementation of a new identity across all printed collateral and website working closely with the Marketing Manager in 2010.

“Not only did they integrate with all of our clinic managers but they worked and supported the company through a difficult time consisting of lots of change within the senior team. I learnt a lot from Pile Drivers and felt that they personally mentored and coached me in gaining the skills to implement a strategy and plan throughout the chain of clinics.”
Katie Waggot, Marketing Manager, Renew Medica

Renew Medica Renew Medica Renew Medica
Renew Medica Renew Medica Renew Medica