Why does Innocent rank at no 6 in the top 100 Social Brands (as researched by Headstream)

Nov 21 2013

Why are they one of the most successful companies creating social media?

Because they are original, creative, relevant, irreverent, funny, confident and timely with their content. They have fun with their brand and because of their freedom of expression and commitment to social causes they have captured the hearts and minds– or minds then hearts – of their community. Basically they get it.

They understand the importance of engaging and not overtly selling. Add the collaborative annual Woolly Hat Charity Campaign to the mix... and you have a win win concept that has immediate symbolism and recognition, ‘legs’, longevity, sustainability, a cross gender and age group appeal, feel good factor and woolly hats continue to be a trending fashion item.

Feed back to posts and tweets appears to be swift with tongue in cheek humour. The unpredictability encourages attention. But it appears to be responsive, personalised and honest. In replying to Helen’s Facebook post querying the drop in donation per ‘woolly hatted smoothie’ from 35p per sale to 25p per sale they explain that they could not afford to run the scheme at 35p a time. Not so much interaction on YouTube. 2 month old posts disputing the validity of knitting woolly hats for bottles in chiller cabinets and not for old people remain unanswered. Ooops – even the top 10 of the top 100 are not entirely perfect.

What criteria is being used to quantify the success?
I will learn more about the scientific ways of tracking and metrics of social media success – but based on comparing the number of likes and comments over 2 days on Facebook and twitter – You Tube is less up to date and interactive – I can look at the number of followers, tweets, likes etc.,

Facebook  | Fans 392,998  | Talking about them 50,036
Twitter | 32,468 Tweets | Followers 171,064 (has gone up 10 in the last 30 minutes)
YouTube | 1,764 Subscribers | Last commercial posted 2 weeks ago 2,091 views (2 of them me)

Interesting to note over the past 24 hours a post promoting the launch of new noodle pots received 611 likes, at the time of writing, as opposed to 3,533 people liking another picture of Minions in Hats... ‘Innocent promise not to post any more photos of Minions in hats unless people send them a really, really adorable one’ – let’s throw down the competitive challenge and keep the collaborative content coming shall we?

If I was setting the criteria it would be personal involvement/response/2 way dialogue with the consumer community – a Mum’s photo of happy son in hospital with his ‘woolly hatted smoothie’, the women’s choir from Amersham making their own purple themed video about in store woolly hats and cheeky posts about John Lewis Christmas excitement levels over time on the Facebook Innocent infographic ... Store managers excitement appears to peak between October and December ... 
Clare : "What did John Lewis ever do to you guys?" Posted November 11 2013 at 3.33pm
Innocent : We love John Lewis over here. Any shop where you can legitimately lie down on beds without getting forcibly ejected by security is amazing in our eyes." Replied November 11 2013 at 3.45pm
4,211 likes! Check out the Turkey excitement levels.

It made me smile.