New Apps for 2014. Who needs them? We obviously do.

Jan 02 2014

Have just had to work as a team to create a new app and put together a business case to bring it to market for Module 2 of my Squared Online course. Up to this point my use of apps was limited and task specific... calculator, BBC weather, Sky Go because it might be useful on holiday (hasn’t been trialled yet) plus a few others and a highly recommended Torch App which drained my phone’s battery and had to go!

A couple of weeks later, after the massive, and not in the least bit easy or comfortable, learning curve on the course... apps have appeared to me everywhere! I have even bought Sunday papers promoting the ‘Best Apps of 2013’... would have been useful a few weeks earlier – thanking you Editor. Is it just me or are many of them of any relevance or necessity? The ones featured in the papers had little or no relevance to me.

In the spirit of my brief I did try to download a book review app before Christmas. The name escapes me. Compelling proposition, but not memorable, in terms of user experience. However, it was memorable because it didn’t download properly, my Ipad tricked me into updating i0S7 which subsequently froze it resulting in an unsuccessful 12 hours of contact with 2 charming help desk people in an apparently cold office in the depths of mid America and a trip to the Genius Bar in sweltering Kingston’s Bentall Centre ! I did not ‘have a particularly nice’ couple of days.

So back to apps. Will try Hailo for hailing cabs in London and am looking forward to the day when a simple to use app will organise my life for me, get me to meetings on time, complete my time sheets and expenses do the shopping, walk the dogs etc. Am I asking too much?

Expenses. Receipt Bank. I do use another app. In fact I have surprised myself. It is such a useful interface between me and our accounts people that I don’t even consider it an app. Perhaps I am not such a technophobe after all.

Must be learning.