Blog 1 of My Squared Life

Nov 19 2013

Note to self - don’t leave it too late for my blogs in the next module as some of my fellow ‘squares’ are thinking along the same lines as me... which is great... but I have to keep prodding my brain for new thoughts to create an original-ish blog. Companies to run, deadlines to meet clients to manage, dogs to walk, and at the grand old age of XX.... homework to do!!

I have committed to up skilling my connectedness and I will. First impressions of the course – fascinating. The grey matter has ‘bust’ into gear onto the alternative planes (‘square edges’) of my brain. The following observations may seem to be naive but this is my starting point. I want to approach this learning journey with an open mind. I probably know more than I give myself credit for, but I want to be unashamedly new to this course and to make the most of it with no preconceptions.

Observation 1 – My recurring thought re social media opportunity is... I remember when Paintbox first appeared on the graphic scene (showing my age pre Photoshop). Everyone was obsessed with creating the super realism of everyday items which in turn created its own problems from a print production point of view. It was a while before minds opened and tried to create/achieve the previously impossible – square worlds and new worlds, for example. Social media is clearly not just about uploading onto Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It is the untried and untested that intrigues me. What is next?

Observation 2 – In the new world of social media the terminology and ethos is weirdly old school. ‘Word of Mouth’ as endorsement, truth and honesty are key factors in the success and growth of the media as a channel, or channels. At Piledrivers we promote the benefits and results achieved by traditional face to face ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’ and ‘Referral Marketing’. We do it every day. But via social media people are not actually speaking.  ‘Word of Mouth is on digital steroids’ (think I owe this credit to Erik Qualman – forgive me if my source is incorrect, information overload) but we are not talking. Typing, tweeting, communicating etc... but not speaking. Unless on video of course but is this referral, posturing, lecturing, sharing or performance? Am I being pedantic? I will keep an open and objective mind at all times.

Two thoughts will do for now – I have so much more to take in.

Back soon.