Why does Innocent rank at no 6 in the top 100 Social Brands (as researched by Headstream)

Nov 21 2013

Having subscribed to the Innocent weekly newsletter for many months, (mainly for the amusing links that cheer up my Fridays – or used to... they have become a bit more cerebral and sensible lately!!) and as a follower of the brand more for creativity than product, I thought I would delve a little deeper.

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Blog 1 of My Squared Life

Nov 19 2013

A few days to go before my first deadline to submit my coursework for the Squared Online course – so much to take on board my brain is potentially scrambled. First observations...

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When Freddie met Freddie at Harry Judd’s Charity all-Star Cricket match

Jun 13 2013

I am at last entering the blogosphere with a great bit of news from the Charlie cricket enthusiast branch of the Piledrivers family. It would be an understatement to say that when my son Freddie got to meet his namesake Freddie Flintoff this weekend at Uppingham School’s Charity cricket match and snapping this great ‘selfie’ to prove it, all my cricket dreams came true. It was a real family

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Another Piledriver becomes a convert of Grayshott Health

Jun 11 2013

Ok I needed a rest, but my week of choice would have been in sunnier climes with a large glass of Rosé and a good book. I eventually gave in to Caroline’s 'encouragement’ having experienced the regime when it was launched, and packed myself off to Grayshott Spa for a week of healthy eating and gut cleansing.  The 7 day regime is getting rave reviews with excellent results. People are staying

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Interesting facts about one of our underpaid and undervalued workforces

May 21 2013

97% of the UK’s flower rich grasslands have disappeared. As they do, so do bees. The value of bee pollination in human nutrition is immense and difficult to quantify. It has been estimated that bees, in general, pollinate some 90% of the world’s commercial plants

Q.Did you know bumblebees have smelly feet?
A. After feeding they leave a scent on the flower which helps other bumblebees to

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